Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill

After a business meeting with some close friends, we headed over to Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill since we were in the area.  I've had this place bookmarked for months and was so excited to check it out.  The place was pretty empty on a Thursday morning so there were plenty of seats for 3 ladies and a baby.  
Service was incredibly friendly and they were quick to help us out.  I have been missing Hawaii since it's been about a year after my last visit.  I ordered the chicken combo which was barbecue chicken, chicken katsu, mac salad and a scoop of rice.  We also ordered a shaved ice to top off our lunch.  Everything was delicious.
Another great thing about this place is their mission.  Taken right from their website, they state "The food you eat here is prepared by people who decided to turn from a life of crime or addiction. Most employees live upstairs at Project Bayview with mentors. They live and serve as a family."  Love this mission and you can feel the passion from the folks who work there.  I will be back and will bring my family with me next time.  Great place and definitely recommend.

Author: Christine P.