I took 6 other friends to Marlowe before the holidays, and it could not have been better. All of us loved it. The table was set and ready upon our arrival (Open Table reservation), and the server staff was incredibly attentive, passionate and knowledgeable throughout the evening.
We chose the fried okra for our appetizer. Being a southerner, I loved it. The brussel sprout chips also were addicting. Being a burger connoisseur, I had to have the famous burger. It perhaps was my favorite burger of 2016. It was the perfect blend of meats, charcoal grilled goodness and simple condiments.
My only gripe -- and please just go ahead and call me unclassy or a fatty -- is that I love mayo with my burgers, and they would not accommodate my request. It was their homemade aioli or nothing (one of my huge pet peeves because it feels snobby to me, and not customer-centric).
The cocktails and the wine were excellent too -- I particularly loved the Hot Toddy, but of course, my name is Todd. The bill was reasonable for our group, and we all went away happy.

Author: Todd B.