The House

We had never been here before, the reviews online were good, and we absolutely love Asian food and seafood so we decided to give it a shot. THE BEST. We loved every single dish that landed on our table. This spot is an absolute gem - here is what I ate.
Shrimp & Chinese Chive Dumplings. I would slap babies for these dumplings, I'm serious. They were filled with noticeably delicious, fresh ingredients and the dumpling wrapper was perfect - not too thick and not too thin. All of the dishes are garnished with different types of radish so that crunch was a nice compliment to the soft steamed dumpling. But, the sauce. Da sauce that came with the dumplings was divine. I saved the sauce and dipped everything I ate it in - that's how good it was. The sauce was a soy sauce and green onion base and that seems simple but it was perfectly acidic with the right amount of vinegar.
We also started with a special appetizer that's not on the menu. Seared scallops with micro greens. These were unique because most of the time seared scallops are only seared on the two flat sides, but these were seared all the way around. They were perfectly cooked. I am not sure what the yellow sauce was but it was good but not the star of the plate. I actually don't remember exactly what the sauce tasted like. It was lightly sweet which complimented the savory flavor of the scallop but I liked the fact that the flavor was secondary and forgettable.
I had two appetizers for my entree because if you've read my blog before you know I can't choose just one thing. The Mussels and The Deep Fried Salmon Roll with Chinese Hot Mustard. The mussels were in a tomato based broth with tiny pieces of tomato and onion. I could have drank the stuff. They were savory and the flavors were really developed. The fried salmon was crispy and perfectly cooked which I know is really difficult. That part of the dish wasn't extremely special but the DA SAUCE - it was amazing. It was spicy and the flavor went perfectly with the salmon. I also mixed the dumpling and hot mustard sauces because yolo  - do it.
This is one of my favorite new restaurants in the city, hands down. I will now recommend it to every visitor of SF in my network. Thank you House for being there for me after a series of let downs.
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Author: Jazmyn W.