The Spice Jar

Who knew a limited menu was enough for me to rate this place 5 STARS?!1... of course, I rated them for their amazing noodles.
Beware, if you come here after 12:15pm, be prepared to wait. Luckily, I've always arrived before 12pm and was always seated immediately.
I've tried their Laska and Tonkatsu Ramen. Both were incredibly good dishes. I am in love with the Laska! Though not as good as the ones in Singapore, but differently better than all the other ones I've had in the bay area.
The ramen was decent, the rib meat was so tender that it just falls off of the bone.
The lemonade and ginger ale were freshly made and delicious. However, that ginger ale is the SPICEST gingerale I've ever had in my life.
Another great thing about this place is the service is excellent. The waitress checked in with us every few minutes to make sure everything was good!
Definitely a must visit, and the fact I work five minutes walking distance from here will make me a frequent visitor!.

Author: Josie H.