The Lodge on Haight

Can I get an "AMEN"?!!!!
The first time I came here, they were playing Pink Floyd on a rainy day, and pouring Magnolia saison on tap. The vibe was cathartic.
Matt and his crew at The Lodge have something very special going on here. The BEST beer on tap. The daily fish sandwich is OFF THE HOOK: Served on brioche garlic buns, smothered in butter and grilled to perfection. No sauce required. The best coleslaw I have ever tasted. Fried chicken to die for, and THE GRAVY!!! Oh, THE GRAVY!!! Rootbeer floats for the sober. Gigantic burgers with homemade pickles , and did I mention that they put a thick slab of HAM on the HAMburger????(my grandma didn't make them this well, and she was a master). Sweet potato fries.
Shall I also cover brunch? A better hollandaise sauce does not exist, and the 'ham' is REAL.
And the last but not least: the staff. They are lovely, wonderful humans, who are second to none.
Do yourself a favor and make life better by adding The Lodge to your Go To List.

Author: Kathryn E.