Perhaps Hogwash a new take on a hot dog stand or a bar with quality sausage snacks.  Either way, it's a great place with a terrific selection of beers just a short walk from Union Square.
While Hogwash is not particularly large, I was there on a Monday evening and I easily found a place to sit and the noise level to be acceptable.  The food selection is a variety of gourmet takes on sausages including chicken, beef, pork, lamb and vegetarian, with a variety of tasty small plates.  There is enough substance to consider the choices dinner and not bar snacks.  The merguez lamb sausage was delicious.  The small plate of beets was fantastic.
The beer choices are equally impressive - 30+ choices all on tap.  Guests order at the bar and take their drinks while the food is brought out by servers.
Hogwash is not an inexpensive hole-in-the-wall joint but prices are in line for SF.  If I were local, I'd be back.

Author: Dan S.