Date & Time:  Friday September 2, 2016 @ 6pm
Location:  Former Tataki South
Dining Companion:  The Husband
Scene:  Noe Couples & Young Families- Dad's in Open Collar Shirts w/ Selvedge Jeans, Mom's in Various Shades of Blush, Taupe & Nude Rompers w/ Tots in BonPoint Onesies
Music:  96.5 KOIT
Decor:  Contemporary Sushi Bar. Dark Woods, 2-4 Table Tops
Service:  Cute, Friendly, Efficient
Imbibe:  Sapporo on Tap
Devour:  Oysters on the Half-Shell, Sashimi Deluxe, Nigiri Sampler, Artic Char + Avocado Maki
Total:  $80.48

Author: Genevieve Y.