I didn't know what to think of this place when I checked Yelp...new fusion hipster place? I wanted to take my tourist cousin for some authentic Mexican...this wasn't authentic but it has 4.5 stars on Yelp and not in the tenderloin or mission which apparently is where all the taquerias are. I searched downtown since she said she would be hanging around there for part of the day. I contemplated between taqueria Castillo or tacorea. Somehow I knew I didn't want to venture to taqueria Castillo and tacorea seemed like the much safer option. Mexican and Korean...sounds good! Just like that place in the financial district...johns snack and deli? Does that place still exist?
Anyways we head there and it's about 5:40 and it says it's closed!!!! Private party? Event? No, they actually open at 6 phew! All that walking from market and up the hill to here, it'll open in 20 minutes. There's also a rope to this place...does this place actually have a line??? You bet it does...who knew??? I certainly didn't! Looked at the menu while we waited and the tacos didn't seem worth it...the spicy burrito was too spicy for me...the $12 seemed too pricey...quesadilla seemed too cheesy...but the California burrito was perfect! Perfect tater tots! Perfect carne asada! Perfect guacamole! Perfect price of $9.50! Ordered and sat down, so glad we came early because around 630pm there were no more tables. Waited a few minutes and our burritos were ready. Came with chips and I had asked for no hot sauce on my burrito. I bit into my burrito and I knew it was love! The tots had the perfect amount of crunch! There was a good ratio of everything! Good amount of meat, guac, cheese, tots! Most of all my cousin liked it because I had the hardest time choosing a place for us to eat.
I highly recommend this place! Get the California burrito!!!!!!!

Author: Kylie L.