Noodle in a Haystack

As a part of Feastly, the Noodle in a Haystack pop up meal is one of the best dining experiences in SF. Creators Chef Clint and his wife Yoko were inspired from their time living in Japan and wanted to bring that same love and delicate flavors in the form of Noodle in a Haystack.
Clint and Yoko usually host about 6-10 brunch/dinner meals throughout the month (which usually sell out through Feastly fast - $40-45 per ticket). I recently went to the Ma-Za-Men (dry ramen) brunch for a friend's birthday and enjoyed it from start to finish. Similar to their other meals, there were 5 courses - 3 appetizers, 1 main course (the ramen/noodle dish), and a dessert. I wouldn't suggest the drink pairing they offer because you can bring your own alcohol.
During the brunch, the sprout salad with lightly seared chicken and the Ma-Za-Men (dry ramen) were huge standouts and everything else tasted great as well! Clint and Yoko shared a story about each of the dishes and you could seriously taste how much love they put in it! If this is how their meals are like every time, I cannot wait to try more!
Noodle in a Haystack was seriously beyond any expectation. The chefs are not only great cooks, but they are the nicest people -- they even let us watch them cook in the kitchen!  It seriously felt like I was at a friend's home -- especially with the BYOB/W policy. I really wish that they will be able to have their own restaurant in SF one day.

Author: Eric Joseph D.