the start of the perfect night
you can see and feel the love and passion
husband tetsu and wife gana that opened ozaoza 3 months ago.. they came from sakana
9 seats, 2 seatings.. when we got there the first seating was finishing up with dessert so it was our own restaurant after they left and our seats were right in the middle so we got to see everything getting made.. the husband is the chef and wife is the server
as the meal progressed we were constantly blown away. we were one of the last meals they served before they switched their monthly menu
Kaiseki $100
Sakizuke (small appetizer)
Komatsuna, enoki, small fish, pickled plum.. loved the crunch and super tiny fish. such tiny eyes!
Hassun (seasonal appetizer)
Sweet black beans
Steamed egg with monk fish liver
Herring roe
Shrimp sushi
Stem lettuce stalk
Smoked salmon wrapped with radish
Carrot and buldock wrapped with beef
Deep fried water chestnuts
Grilled king mackerel
Yuzu wrapped with dried persimmon
Pickled lotus root
Nimonowan (soup)
Cod, rice cake,radish, carrot, spinach, yuzu.. loved the gooey-ness from the mochi
Mukouzuke (sashimi)
Blue fin tuna, big fin reef squid, sea urchin, rosey sea bass, thread sail filefish
Agemono(deep fried dish)
King crab and crab butter wrapped by soy sheet
Cod milt wrapped by soy sheet, pumpkin, snap pea.. fyi: milt= sperm, the texture reminded me of brain
Mushimono (steamed dish)
Red snapper, grated mountain yam, ginko nuts, Woodear mushroom, wheat bran
Supplimental Dish ~ Wagyu Steak, $25 additional
definitely add the wagyu! they give you 4 cubes and by the 3rd cube, i was starting to get uncomfortably full.. the wagyu was topped with chopped wasabi and fried garlic slice with a side salad
Osyokuji (rice, miso soup and pickles)
Oyster  rice with chopped oyster.. so good, i wish i was able to eat more
Sake lees miso soup
Mizumono (dessert)
Matcha cheese cake and fruits.. first time having raw cheesecake.. so rich and good. ended the meal with an orange slice and apple slices for digestion.
wash down the meal with some sake and echigo beer
it was great talking to the chef and wife the entire night.. and the wife explained ea dish well
they were impressed i was able to finish the meal. my friend was full, i was uncomfortably full.
we're definitely lucky to have discovered this place before it becomes impossible to get reservations for. you can either call or go online for reservations.
thanks ozaoza for serving a very special meal and providing a truly amazing experience, it was certainly the perfect goodbye

Author: Raquel T.