Peadler started from a real need. Giovanni, our founder and CEO, was working on marketing research for a few clients, looking for a platform where he could share their stories, reviews and values, a place where people could discover companies and share them on social media. After extensive research he couldn't find what he needed, so he founded Peadler in 2016, and gathered a team from around the world.

Giovanni Basso Roda, CEO

Marketing specialist and entrepreneur with a Master in Engineering and a UCLA diploma in storytelling. He founded Peadler to support all businesses to achieve the visibility they desire for their unique stories and reviews.

Sean Clarke, CTO

Software specialist and entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience as an IT developer across different industries. If there is a coding language out there, Sean can write it and sometimes even speak it.

Julia Xu, Designer

Lives in San Francisco but a nomad at heart. She treasures great stories, whether she is immersed in a fantasy novel, writing a blog, or island hopping over the world.